Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Engagament calendar round robin

These 5 spreads were done in an engagament calendar round robin . The girl who own the book wanted to keep the pictures in the book . So I worked around them . I had a stamp with a creativity quote on it so I took that and typed it out so that it fit what I was doing . Colored penciled the images and emblished the pages and added added the quote . I really liked the way they came out .

Engagament calendar round robin

Art journal

These are 2 spreads in did in an art journal about calf . It was a fun project . That I really enjoy .

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Queen of all Butterflys

This is a small wooden box I found somewhere , Yard sale, flea market . I dont know . LOLOL It was painted with gold paint and has a sad faded blueish green flocked stuff on the inside . I knew just what I wanted to do with it the moment I saw it . The little doll Is made of a twig that has wire arms that I then wrapped in stuffing and then wrapped fabric over that . I wanted to her to have the feel of being cocooned so added the silk string in the front of her. She has angelina wings . She has the feeling of a mother, an old soul who is watching over her flock .

Monday, February 18, 2008

A touch of Spring

I know some many are having hard winters I thought I would show you a small touch of spring today . Many of you know my hubby and I own 14 1/2 ac of land in central VA. We are hoping to built a house with in the next 2 years and retire there . It is my place where I find peace . I feel so comfortable there its like I have alway lived there . Funny how that happens sometimes . We are going to name the farm "The farm of Acadia Blue " . Now I know you are wondering whats with all this acadia blue stuff . well I came to Va from New hampshire and My favorite place while I lived there was Acadia national park in Maine and Blue is my favorite color . But it goes on ..... When we first moved to VA I was terribly homesick and lonely so we got a dog . A yellow lab that I name" Acadia Blue" and we called her "Katie". She was my companion and best friend for 18 years . So I think you get the picture . When she past away in 2005 we had her creamted and will bury her ashes in a garden that I am now making for her . I feel her spirit there when ever we are there and she watches over us . We now have 3 dogs . Buster our big boy . He is becoming an old man now but still watches over us and protects like her should . hes still not to crazy about the girls . Phoebe and Butter Baby and the same age 3 years and are best girlfriends . They play all day long, they wear me out with all there rough housing . LOLOLOL Well I hope this little photo gives you all an uplift that Spring is on its way .