Thursday, September 17, 2009

Its been a while

I just wanted to drop a line to say YES I am still here. We have had some changes in our life since my last post . We moved to our farm and hubby lost his job in June . So I havent had much time for art . As soon as my life chills out a bit I will find my art stuff LOLOL and hopefully get back to it . Thanks for stopping by .You can read about my farm life on my farm blog . The link is in the side bar .

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I have been busy.......

Here are some of my latest work . I have been busy learning . Its all about learning I think . Right now I am learning about faces and what works best for me. I have been taking eclasses with a number of different artist . if anyone is looking for good priced classes go to and put what you are looking for in the search window .

"Dream'n Marie"
a mixed media painting, watercolor crayons, acrylic paint, paper napkins, paper images, scrap book paper, fabric, stamping, stenciling and embellishments

"Queen of Nature"

Mixed media, watercolor crayons, acrylic paint, fabric. paper napkins,and embellishments .

"Angels watch over us " This is watercolor paper glue to a piece of 1/4 birch .mixed media. paper napkins, acrylic paint , watercolor crayons, and embellishments .

"Pretty paper slippers ". The pattern for these are the new issue of the Marie magazine put out by Sommerset magazine. Scrap book papers, lace, fabric embellishments , fabric flowers and jewels

"M for Marie"

A mixed media piece, acrylic, watercolor crayons,scrapbook paper, napkins,and stenciling.

" Friends 4 ever kitti. "This is a mixed media painting. Acrylic, watercolor crayons, stamping, stenciling, paper napkins, gesso relief, and embellishments ,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some more new work I have been doing

I have been busy working on swap ideas for my group I run with 2 friends ,Terry and Dove . The group is small but hard to motivate so I am hoping these idea might spark and inspire them .Here is the addy . Everyone is welcome beginners to season artist .
These are marble pendents, gesso pendent made on form core and bottle cap charms .

These are made from matchboxes .I call them my butterfly houses . You can see the inside holds tiny butterflies.

These are 4x4 canvas that I made shadow boxes using the back . I really enjoyed doing these . Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More new art

This painting like too . I call it "Girl with heart balloons " . She has alot of gesso relief on it. Which I really like the look of .

This is 7 little canvas's that I glued on to a heavy piece of card stock then altered, painted and played with till I like it . Then I glued the whole thing to a piece of wood which I painted before hand
"Believe in yourself"
Again used 7mini canvas but this time I used the wood background as part of the
over all design.

New paintings

This one I really love . Its my "I finally got it "one . You know when you have been working to learn a new Tu but you don't seem to be getting it . I feel I am finally getting it with this painting . Its my lastest . It is called Princess Splendor.

This one is called "Dreams are wishes". I did this one for my "World of Whimsy" class so I was just really working on the backgrounds.

"He loves me ..... " This one was all about the dress LOLOL this one is also beeswaxs ,very lightly

"Alice" My Alice in wonderland painting

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Butterfly box

This was a AOL chip wood box. I had joined a swap and when I found this among my stash I knew what I was going to do with it . The outside design is done using gesso and a foam stamp . then i painted over it to give it some color

This is the inside . the butterfly a tiger swallowtail is a real butterfly. and the other side is a cool sticker saying I got out of something ????? LOLOLOL then i hinged them together just using small pieces of ribbon . The girl who got it really loved it .

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Princess Sunflower for spring

I did this painting durning some nice warm spring temps . Gives me the feel of spring . Cant wait for it to get here . Which isn't today . Its cold and rainy.

B-Muse has a blog listing now

The web site B-muse has this cool thing now where you can list your blog . Go and ckeck it out .

Monday, February 16, 2009

Journal pages from my art journal

Some of my journal pages .
This is my journal cover

Some new paintings

I painted this painting for Valentines day . I called "MISS VALENTINE" I really like the shyness of her .Like she is shy of showing her love for that special someone but yet really loves him terribly . I hope you enjoy her . She is a little late So have a belated Valentines day !

This was painting I did a few weeks ago . The stress in my life right now is the pitts . We are moving to our farm in a few months . Hubby's job is just hanging there by a thread and to keep this house we need to rent it out . We also lost our med insurance . His boss decided without much warning he just didn't want to pay for it anymore . The deal was he would pay for private insurance for 1 year but ours was high and he refused . When Hubby took the job the deal was he would pay for med insurance for the both of us .I guess that has slipped his mind . He will miss Hubby when he is gone More than he will ever know . So I have been painting to kick the ass out of stress . It is helping.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

OWOH And the winners are..................

Oh this has been so much fun !!!! I hope every one has enjoyed it . Thank you everyone for stopping by and saying Hello . SO...........................................
THE WINNERS ARE...................................................
I am emailing you as we speak .
Thanks for playing

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

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Hello, Well its that time again . Isnt this exciting . I cant wait yo get started myself .
So here we go ......
Everyone can play wether you have a blog or not .
PLEASE!!!!! leave a email addy in with your comments so I can contact you if you win. THIS IS SO IMPORATANT . Please dont forget .
Anyone anywhere in the world can play .
I will anounace the winners on FEB 12TH. I will post them here and send them and email. DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDY IN THE COMMENT AREA.

I have 3 giveaways . They are 5x5 canvas's I did using my own photos I took at our farm in central VA. This is my favorite place and its so special to me so to share it with you makes this giveaway very special to me . They come with there own stand . In the comment area leave your email addy and which one you like the most . I will try to give you that one but cant promise it . Click the badge one world one heart and have fun exploring all the blog giveaways .
Robin Krieger


The canvas is 5x5. this is a photo of a Peace rose from my farm in central VA. the giveaway comes with the stand to hold your canvas on .


This is a 5x5canvas. This photo of Iris's was taking at my farm in central VA. Your giveaway comes with the stand to hold your canvas on .


This is a 5x5 canvas. This photo comes from my farm in central VA. This giveaway comes with stand to hold your canvas on .

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Well Happy New Year to you all . The beginnings of a new year for me is a start, a fresh look at whats ahead . I like to think and plan out what I might like and want to do for the year . But this year in America, it is grim I must say . People are losing jobs , Med insurance ( us) , there homes. gessh! Its hard to look at this year as a new beginning when you have all this shit going on . But I will stay positive for now . Try to look on the bright side after all we have a new president who has promised a change . Lots of new art projects I want to try out . Maybe a move ............. more on that later . So Happy New year to everyone . I will get 2009 a chance .