Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Miss  Capshaw

2011- 12 sketchbook project

This is my 2011 sketchbook . My theme was HOPE.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy New Year everyone

Sending you all very warm, happy and peaceful wishes for the new year. I hope you all grow in your art efforts  and get out of your boxes and play .
love robin

Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone

HI just a short note to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas . I hope to update with photos before the end of the year . I do have a few things on my ESTY shop . Link on the right side bar . Been having some health and car issues  so I havent been here in a while .
 have a great holiday season

Friday, September 23, 2011

I am still around

Its been a wild month or so . One of my dogs had 5 puppies,one of my goats had a baby girl .Another one of my dogs got bit by a copperhead snake 3 times and we thought we would lose her . She is doing great now .Plus my computer crashed . My 700.00 laptop I am very PO about this .  please be careful when windows does those dam updates . If they don't go in right they will crash and kill your hard drive . So now i need a new  hard drive . Did you ever wonder WHY windows has so amny updates ? doesn't say much about the quality of there product . photo's of art work to come in a few days .

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoughts of the day ....

I have been busy with my farm stuff and haven't done much art lately. Plus its been 100 degrees almost every day . We are cooking here .LOLOL  Some one asked me the other day why I do art and I told them I would have to think about that . Art for me  takes on many directions . I mostly do art as a stress reliever. I can escape my real world crap and go into my art world , I can escape all the days bull shit and disappear in to another world . I also do art as a way of expressing myself . For years I was a tole painter and just found that art form  after a while it became boring . If you know what I mean .  So when I quit doing it it was a changing event in my life . Art gives me the confidence and security with in myself to know that I am important  to me . I hate to see women give up so much of themselves for other people. Everyone need a place to go to feel good about themselves and in turn  it makes them better people for there family's . I have to admit when I don't get to do art I am a BITCH!!!!. LOLOLOL  I hope that at the end of my life I will be remembered as an artist who inspired others to be artist. To make time for themselves to be important to themselves . Well all for now . I have some gardening to do and my silly goats need to get out and play for a while .

Monday, June 27, 2011

I have been busy....

"EXPLORE" Is done on a board using paper dolls I brought form "Paper Whimsy"
http://www.paperwhimsy.com     Paper Whimsy
This one is done on a board with the Paper whimsy paper dolls  called "PLAY"
This is another journal page. I got these paper dolls at Paper Whimsy. She sells them on digi sheets . I wanted to keep them together so i did a journal page with some of them called "Everyday ".
This is a page in my art journal called 'fly with the best ". My dear friend Terry gave me this beautiful piece of paper. It was stunning so i decided to use just it for a page
This is a Gothic arch I did for the group on roses
This is a paper doll for the "roses on my table" paper doll swap in a garden theme called "MISS ROSY"
This  done on a canvas and it is called "In Spring"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sketchbook project 2011 tour photos

My good friend Terry was lucky enough to go the the sketchbook 2011 tour that was in San Francisco, CALF. and check out all the books including ours . I was thrilled she got to go and then she set me these photos . Thank Terry  so much !
Everyone sitting and looking thur books

My wonderful friend Terry Davis holding our books at the show .

Thursday, June 9, 2011

More new art and I am finally caught up here .....

This is my cute little studio . Its small 8x10 foot but shes all mine . Its messy most of the time but it is a working studio so i don't mind the mess LOLOL I have alot of my swap pieces hanging up from my friends . journals are sitting in the windows . I have some of my friends Terry, Dove and Cheri art work in there hanging up . Plus we did the heart swap on my group and they heart are hanging over the window .  This is my space where I go to escape the world and fly into  the world of art .
My cute messy studio
My cute messy studio
2 mermaid i did for the mermaid swap on my group ,Visions and dreams ( link on the side bar )
Just another journal page from my moleskin journal
These are called Heart pockets . I got the template from paper whimsy. I hope to do a swap with on my group Visions and dreams ( link in the side bar )
heart pocket
These are fun to do . heart pockets
this was the journal page I did from The Roses on my table "journal to canvas class "
This is the canvas i did  from the Roses on my table Journal to canvas class
This page is  for the sketchbook challenge using the prompt " cant resist this "
This is a page in my journal using the PROMPT from Roses on my table Lyric . I love this line from the song that is on "Saving Grace" with Holly Hunter
This is another journal page . I found the dancer in one of the Issues of MARY JANE  and I just loved it . So I did this page called LIFE
This is a journal page using  What I learn from my Roses on my table class . Its called SISTERS
I have been into Mermaids lately. This one is called HOME
This piece is done on a wood panel  and its called DANCE
 this is a 9x12 ???? canvas. called SOAR

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hi everyone

Well I am finally able to do some posting . Hubby had the last couple of weeks off so we were working around the farm and I didn't have time to do any posting. So here are a few post of some of the classes I have been taking . "Roses on my table " on the ning network . (Link is in my side bar ) it is a great place to take classes from Zinnia  and she is reasonably priced so they are affordable . She also lets you download the video which is a plus nowadays . Alot don't . Which does work for me . So I hope you all will drop by and say hello over there . I will post more photos in a couple of days. thanks  for stopping bye

Wild and Untamed journal page

Sketchbook challenge MAY theme- Branching out -out on a limb

Another class from "Roses on my table" site

The front of my accordion book called"The Beauty of wings " from the "ROSES ON MY TABLE CLASS" on the ning network
These are the front of my book. It didn't load up in order but I hope you will get the idea .
back of the accordion book
This is the back of the book in close up . Of coarse it loaded out of order but you will get the idea .
 back of Accordion book