Thursday, June 9, 2011

More new art and I am finally caught up here .....

This is my cute little studio . Its small 8x10 foot but shes all mine . Its messy most of the time but it is a working studio so i don't mind the mess LOLOL I have alot of my swap pieces hanging up from my friends . journals are sitting in the windows . I have some of my friends Terry, Dove and Cheri art work in there hanging up . Plus we did the heart swap on my group and they heart are hanging over the window .  This is my space where I go to escape the world and fly into  the world of art .
My cute messy studio
My cute messy studio
2 mermaid i did for the mermaid swap on my group ,Visions and dreams ( link on the side bar )
Just another journal page from my moleskin journal
These are called Heart pockets . I got the template from paper whimsy. I hope to do a swap with on my group Visions and dreams ( link in the side bar )
heart pocket
These are fun to do . heart pockets
this was the journal page I did from The Roses on my table "journal to canvas class "
This is the canvas i did  from the Roses on my table Journal to canvas class
This page is  for the sketchbook challenge using the prompt " cant resist this "
This is a page in my journal using the PROMPT from Roses on my table Lyric . I love this line from the song that is on "Saving Grace" with Holly Hunter
This is another journal page . I found the dancer in one of the Issues of MARY JANE  and I just loved it . So I did this page called LIFE
This is a journal page using  What I learn from my Roses on my table class . Its called SISTERS
I have been into Mermaids lately. This one is called HOME
This piece is done on a wood panel  and its called DANCE
 this is a 9x12 ???? canvas. called SOAR


Jona Panesa said...

they are inspiring! and loved your cute messy studio.

di from di-did-it said...

ooooo... I LOVE checking out other people's creative studios. There's so much going on in yours ~ it definately shows the signs of all the artwork you've been doing lately. Thanks for sharing these photos and for making them so we can click to enlarge ~ great idea to have a water jug right there so you don't have to lose momentum when you get parched :)