Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some more new work I have been doing

I have been busy working on swap ideas for my group I run with 2 friends ,Terry and Dove . The group is small but hard to motivate so I am hoping these idea might spark and inspire them .Here is the addy . Everyone is welcome beginners to season artist .
These are marble pendents, gesso pendent made on form core and bottle cap charms .

These are made from matchboxes .I call them my butterfly houses . You can see the inside holds tiny butterflies.

These are 4x4 canvas that I made shadow boxes using the back . I really enjoyed doing these . Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More new art

This painting like too . I call it "Girl with heart balloons " . She has alot of gesso relief on it. Which I really like the look of .

This is 7 little canvas's that I glued on to a heavy piece of card stock then altered, painted and played with till I like it . Then I glued the whole thing to a piece of wood which I painted before hand
"Believe in yourself"
Again used 7mini canvas but this time I used the wood background as part of the
over all design.

New paintings

This one I really love . Its my "I finally got it "one . You know when you have been working to learn a new Tu but you don't seem to be getting it . I feel I am finally getting it with this painting . Its my lastest . It is called Princess Splendor.

This one is called "Dreams are wishes". I did this one for my "World of Whimsy" class so I was just really working on the backgrounds.

"He loves me ..... " This one was all about the dress LOLOL this one is also beeswaxs ,very lightly

"Alice" My Alice in wonderland painting