Thursday, March 13, 2008


I did these 3 Mannequinns for a swap on the Gluebots Yahoo group I belong too. I really liked the way they came out . I painted the mannequinn with a bright blue then covered it in a paper lace. When it dryed it became so brillant I loved the color. Then I stamped the wings with embrossing ink and embrossed them with black. Then used my H2Os paint in 3 wonderful blues. Added some old lace at the bottom and my image and a ribbon at the top . All done .

Paper dolls

I found this templete in the wedding area . It was just plain white and was for a centerpiece . I just saw so much in it I had to buy it and bring it home . The Blue lady I use the whole templete and just added the shoulders, head and arms . I had to adjust it alittle . The Poppy Girl I just used the skirt and added the whole blouse , head and arms . Both tops are stamps from Character Contruction . She has the greatest stamps . Dont ya think ?