Friday, September 23, 2011

I am still around

Its been a wild month or so . One of my dogs had 5 puppies,one of my goats had a baby girl .Another one of my dogs got bit by a copperhead snake 3 times and we thought we would lose her . She is doing great now .Plus my computer crashed . My 700.00 laptop I am very PO about this .  please be careful when windows does those dam updates . If they don't go in right they will crash and kill your hard drive . So now i need a new  hard drive . Did you ever wonder WHY windows has so amny updates ? doesn't say much about the quality of there product . photo's of art work to come in a few days .

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Venus Blues Hideaway said...


I found your site through another blog that I joined and find your work delightful. I am also a mixed media artist. I live in Louisiana and share my home with a myriad of animals also.

I have joined your site and would love you to come visit me at my site.

I also looked at your etsy store. Lofe your work.

Hope to talk again.