Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoughts of the day ....

I have been busy with my farm stuff and haven't done much art lately. Plus its been 100 degrees almost every day . We are cooking here .LOLOL  Some one asked me the other day why I do art and I told them I would have to think about that . Art for me  takes on many directions . I mostly do art as a stress reliever. I can escape my real world crap and go into my art world , I can escape all the days bull shit and disappear in to another world . I also do art as a way of expressing myself . For years I was a tole painter and just found that art form  after a while it became boring . If you know what I mean .  So when I quit doing it it was a changing event in my life . Art gives me the confidence and security with in myself to know that I am important  to me . I hate to see women give up so much of themselves for other people. Everyone need a place to go to feel good about themselves and in turn  it makes them better people for there family's . I have to admit when I don't get to do art I am a BITCH!!!!. LOLOLOL  I hope that at the end of my life I will be remembered as an artist who inspired others to be artist. To make time for themselves to be important to themselves . Well all for now . I have some gardening to do and my silly goats need to get out and play for a while .

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