Monday, February 16, 2009

Some new paintings

I painted this painting for Valentines day . I called "MISS VALENTINE" I really like the shyness of her .Like she is shy of showing her love for that special someone but yet really loves him terribly . I hope you enjoy her . She is a little late So have a belated Valentines day !

This was painting I did a few weeks ago . The stress in my life right now is the pitts . We are moving to our farm in a few months . Hubby's job is just hanging there by a thread and to keep this house we need to rent it out . We also lost our med insurance . His boss decided without much warning he just didn't want to pay for it anymore . The deal was he would pay for private insurance for 1 year but ours was high and he refused . When Hubby took the job the deal was he would pay for med insurance for the both of us .I guess that has slipped his mind . He will miss Hubby when he is gone More than he will ever know . So I have been painting to kick the ass out of stress . It is helping.

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