Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I know its been awhile ....

I dont have much time for art at the moment but the good news is I will be getting a place of my own . A real studio. It will be small but all mine and that will make me so happy .  Enjoy! 

This is the cover of my art journal round robin  we are doing on the yahoo group.

These are canvas's I did  that I sent to a store I am in in Penn.

This was a spread I did in "Kas" art journal . We are now in the process of doing an art journal round robin on the yahoo group.

 A journal cover i did for a book I made
This is a canvas that was done durning a round robin on my yahoo group . We did the canvas using on black and white colors . I was really impressed when I got it back . Thanks everyone who worked on it .


Deborah said...

Welcome back! Lovely work!

Dianne said...

Beautiful work!

artgirl said...

Gorgeous work, love the art journals, love all the layering. Welcome to the altered pages design team, can't wait to see the kits you come up with. You have such beautiful pieces here. Thank you for sharing your work.