Friday, November 30, 2007

My first post on my new Blog

I decided I would start a real blog .LOLOL One I would write in as well as post photos of my art and of my life . It seemed like the right time to do this . I had another one in LJ but this pass year I just havent posted in it and my 360 blog I only post photos of my art projects I have finished and I dont say much . I am a women of few words though so I hope i can find enough to keep this one moving so to speak . LOLOLOL. I have been an artist all my life , painting and drawing since a child . Both my parents are painters as well as my grandmother . So it has followed the family lines . I did watercolor and pen and ink in high school and then dabbled in it again in my 20's. then in my 30's I went into tole painting off and on . When Hubby and I moved to Va from new Hampshire I went into Tole painting full time and painted to sell for 18 years at local art and craft shows . I retired from painting in oct 2004 simply because I was sick of it and want a change and also wanted to try and explore my inner artist and try new things . Boy I am glad I did . I love mixed media . And I discover a whole new world of art and artist on line . Its been a wonderful learning process for me . Well all for now .

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