Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I found out today that yet another friend has cancer . This friend is so young . I seem to be surrounded by it lately . This friend I am worried about . This cancer can be very bad . I will keep her in my thoughts and in my heart . I was chatting with another friend about a group I used to be on . I loved being on this group but I became friends with a very mentally ill person ( I didnt know that at the time ) and ended up getting badly hurt by her which of course being in a group setting didnt stay between the two of us ( not my doing ) so there were alot of bad feeling toward me . Even though I didnt and still dont know what I did to this person for her to turn on me like she did . And I have since learned that she had and has since done this to many on the group . But anyways that is water under the bridge as they say . She was saying to me that alot of people have said that they miss me there and would like me to come back . that this hateful person isnt around much any more and that there alot of new people on the group and it has change alot . But I honestly have moved on and just dont think I want to go back to that again . I dont know why its so hard for others to be friends . Whats so hard about being a friend to someone . You either like them or you dont . Why go to all the trouble to getting to know them if you dont like them in the first place . LOLOL Any ways . all for now .

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