Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I am going to go and buy a laptop today I am taking an eclass with Suzi Blu and I cant watch the videos she makes on my DVD player as I can only put them on CDs. Plus I am going to the farm for a few weeks . I need to get out of this neighborhood for a while . I am housebound . I had a friend in my neighbors next door but she is as crazy as an old bat . She thought I blabbed on of her " secrets " I didn't and now wont speak to me . The crazy thing is I knew she was always like this crazy and paranoid but for some reason didn't think she would not trust me . how foolish was that train of thought . Of course she never trusted me she didn't trust ANYONE!!!!!!! Thinks everyone here is out to get her, steal from her and damage what she owns . Christ where have I been living . I must have had my head up my dam ass to believe she even cared. Now I am lumped in with all the other "whores and thief's" (and names and words I refuse to use here.) I have retreated to staying inside and minding my own business because I know her mouth is very busy now blabbing about what a shitty friend I was . so I am going to the farm for a few weeks . Where it is peaceful, quiet, and beautiful. Where there is no crime, no drug dealers , no crazy old bats , whores , or thief's, no gossip or dirty looks . PEACE. PEACE. PEACE. PEACE

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